Madera del Mar Driftwood Wreaths


These dramatic pieces lend seaside elegance to any home, displaying beautifully above your fireplace, front door or garden gate. Custom sizes are available, please contact Madera del Mar for details.


About maderadelmar

Handcrafted with love from the Santa Barbara coast. Drawing on a family tradition of artisanal woodwork and a connection to the sea, Madera del Mar embodies my love for the beautiful Santa Barbara beaches I call home. Growing up, my father, a world-class sailor, and grandfather, founder of Hobie Surf & Catamaran, instilled in me a passion for the coastal wild. Some of my earliest memories are learning to ride waves and sail with my dad; to this day I head to the beach on early sunny mornings to surf and collect driftwood. Handcrafting each piece links my love of the sun, sea and sand, imbuing your home with an essence of the Southern California coast.
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One Response to Madera del Mar Driftwood Wreaths

  1. Elidia says:

    I love love this wreath! I will call soon!

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